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Mathmos Lunar Eclipse Light
  • Mathmos Lunar Eclipse Light

Mathmos Lunar Eclipse Light

Trip(py) the light fantastic

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    Mathmos Solar/Lunar Eclipse The truly mesmerising Mathmos Lunar Eclipse in action is hypnotically beautiful blown glass globe and is one of the most unusual pieces of ambient lighting we've ever seen,. It's the ideal way to add a seductive, ever-changing glow to your home.

    Basically the Mathmos Eclipse works in a similar way to a lighthouse lens because its light effect engages the eye by coming in and out of view as you move around the lamp. But unlike a lighthouse the Eclipse gently cycles through a kaleidoscope of glorious lunar colours. How? Well, various hidden LEDs are reflected into the focal point of the silvered sphere to create an utterly spellbinding effect that's unlike anything you've ever seen. It's a bit like staring into an electric fish bowl. We imagine.

    Mathmos Solar/Lunar Eclipse To add to the hi-tech feel there are no switches or buttons on the Eclipse; you simply press down on the globe to turn it on and off - an action you'll be carrying out on a regular basis, because once you see this hypnotic sphere in all its glowing glory you'll be Eclipsing-it every single night.

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