Mathmos Fluidium

    Mathmos Fluidium

    Lava lamps leave the 60s lights

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      HALF PRICE SALE!! (was £64.95).

      British Pop Culture notes, #321-B. Edward Craven Walker invented the original Astro lamp (the classic lava lamp) 37 years ago, based on an original design for a wartime egg timer. Lava lamps became associated with grooviness in a time called 'the Sixties.' When Astro maker Mathmos re-invented itself in 1990, the funky lights quickly became groovy once again.

      The newest, and by far the sexiest, of their range is the Fluidium. Designed by product guru Ross Lovegrove, who has designed other stuff for the likes of Sony and Apple, we can't quite put our communal finger on what the Fluidium reminds us of. 'A fish', 'a gloop of lava' and 'a microphone in a hula skirt' have all been mentioned, but we do know one thing. The Fluidium is a thing of beauty.

      And because of the interchangeable bulbs, each lamp can display two distinct shades of its birth colour. Green goes dark green, the metallic one turns original iMac blue, and so on. They're sturdy beasts too, despite the flimsy looking base which, made from tough polycarbonate, is anything but.

      Oddly, the ladies in the Firebox office can't help but smile when they walk past the Fluidium and they won't tell us why. Must be the pretty colours or something.

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