Mathmos Bike Wheel Lights
  • Mathmos Bike Wheel Lights

Mathmos Bike Wheel Lights

It’s the circle of light

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    on their own

    Simply screws onto Schrader valves

    When you’re cycling at night it pays to be as visible as possible. But short of mounting fluorescent tubes on your frame you’re likely to be short on space. Well that’s where Mathmos Bike Wheel Lights come into their own.

    Despite each having only a single LED, this pair of lamps will have a remarkable effect on your visibility; because these clever gizmos actually screw directly onto the air valves of your tyres.

    white lights

    Choose from white or colour changing

    As your wheels turn, so do the lights. Cycle fast enough and each one will create a complete and eye-catching wheel of light around your bike rims. What’s more, the coloured versions will even cycle through the spectrum as you ride. Go on, take ‘em for a spin!

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