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Mathmos Air Switch Lamp
  • Mathmos Air Switch Lamp

Mathmos Air Switch Lamp

You need hands...

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    Mathmos Air Switch 0

    NEW Air Switch 0: wall-mounted Air Switch goodness

    Lamps are usually about as exciting as, er, lamps. Okay, so there are some exceptions; a $3million Tiffany lamp might possibly tweak our interest, and we wouldn't mind a quick rub on Aladdin's. That said, no lamp has ever got us into as much of a lava (geddit) as the mystifying Air Switch from those clever luminosity-meisters at Mathmos.

    This flask-shaped table light looks more like something Igor might hand to Dr Frankenstein following a visit to the loo. But, as self-appointed arbiters of hi-tech fashion, we've decided that laboratory-chic is gonna be big this season. Besides, the Air Switch looks unlike any other lamp around. Eye-catching looks aside, the Air Switch is an incredible innovation in the world of weird and wonderful lamps (yes, there is one - just type 'Mathmos' into the search box on the left), because it is controlled via a mere wave of the hand.

    Mathmos Air Switch Lamp

    For some unfathomable reason, waving your hand just above the rim of the Air Switch in a gentle, 'These aren't the droids you're looking for' fashion turns it on, whilst brightness is controlled via an up/down, Benny-Hill-slapping-that-bald-bloke-in-slo/mo movement. We really can't overstate how impressive all this is. Just imagine, you get home with your date (romantic, not squishy and fruity) put on some music, casually wave your hand above the Air Switch and instantly give the room a gorgeously ambient glow. If that doesn't impress, nothing will!

    Mathmos Air Switch Lamp: Hand motion The Air Switch is ideal for those moments when fumbling around for the light switch is not a viable option. And the feeling of power you get from controlling it in an 'I command you to work'/David Copperfield-fashion is truly stimulating. So why not get your hands on...sorry, wave them above an Air Switch immediately.

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