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    The big match

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      It takes a special kind of floor lamp to pass muster here at Firebox. In fact the very phrase ‘floor lamp’ is so incredibly dull we almost passed on the Matchlight before seeing it. Then one of our product scouts walked in with one and we were immediately smitten – primarily because it was almost as big as him!

      Bringing a whole new meaning to the term ‘got a light?’ this humungous floor lamp looks just like a regular matchstick. But don’t try finding a huge box on which to strike it because the seriously stylish Matchlight is mains powered. Which is just as well, as you’d need hands like King Kong’s bigger brother to light anything this big.


      Standing a mighty 1.5 metres high.

      Standing a mighty 1.5 metres, the stunningly original Matchlight is perfect for illuminating any room where space is tight. Simply lean it against the wall at a jaunty angle and watch as guests gawp in awe at its svelte lines and smooth wooden stem. You can even choose between a red or white tip depending on the vibe youÂ’re after.

      WeÂ’ve lost count of the visitors to Firebox HQ whoÂ’ve commented on the Matchlight currently standing in our reception. And thatÂ’s saying something as the entire area is strewn with top gadgets and gizmos. Still itÂ’s not every day you see a giant match doubling up as a trendy floor lamp.

      Indeed the Matchlight looks like it has just escaped from some cutting-edge museum of modern art, even when itÂ’s not switched on. We guarantee friends will race to your gaff when you invite them round to see the big match. (Although they might be a bit miffed when they realise itÂ’s got bog all to do with football).


      On/Off switch.

      25 watt E14 candle small screw bulb.

      Choose between a red or white tip.

      Just imagine, with this towering triumph of design sitting in your home or office youÂ’ll never suffer from BFLC (boring floor lamp complex) again. Now if only they made a giant cigar to go with it.

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