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Matador Pocket Blanket

Stop being such a wet blanket

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  • The toughest lightweight-est picnic/beach blanket ever*
  • Bid adieu to pesky backside wetness and grass rash
  • Water repellent, puncture resistant and extremely compact
  • Folds up small enough to fit in your p-p-p-pocket
  • *That we've ever come across
Well well well. What have we got here then?

We've got a Matador Pocket Blanket. An uber tough, uber lightweight blanket that'll fold up small enough to pop in your pocket.

Smaller than a bag of crisps when completely folded, these deliciously compact picnic and/or beach blankets are made from HyperLyte nylon. What does that mean? We'll tell you exactly what that means. It means they are incredibly light but still resistant to water and punctures – whether from a rogue cheese knife or sharp stone beneath your bottom.

Eat your heart out Aladdin.

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  • "Great light as described quality excellent."
    Chris - 3rd of February, 2016