Mason Jar Shot Glasses
  • Mason Jar Shot Glasses
  • Mason Jar Shot Glasses

Mason Jar Shot Glasses

(Hoe)Down in One

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  • Perfect for seeing off jar after jar of heart-warming moonshine
  • Small but mighty! (generous 2.4oz measures)
  • Design inspired by the classic American Mason Jar


Moonshine isn't exactly the sipping man's tipple. Quite the opposite in fact, and we can't think of any better vessel to knock back the ol' Hillbilly fire-water (or delicious shop-bought liquor) than this marvellous set of Mason Jar Shot Glasses.

These miniature glass jars don't come with lids but who needs 'em, the contents won't be sitting around long before you're guzzling them down and bellowing out an exuberant "Yee- haw!". Go steady though, these stocky little guys hold a hearty 2.4oz (a large double measure).

Want to really get the barn-dance thumping? It's time to bring out the big potatoes and these deep south slammers are guaranteed to add a raucous redneck twist to any occasion.

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