Marvin's Magic DVDs

    Marvin's Magic DVDs

    How d'ya do that, then?

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      Marvin's Magic DVDs
      Impressing your mates with a few tricks down the pub is becoming increasingly difficult in the all-seeing, all-knowing Noughties. And it doesn't help when the likes of Penn and Teller are all too happy to shatter our illusions with their telltale TV shows.

      Thankfully some tricks remain jaw-droppingly impressive no matter what. And we're not talking about the one where you run off before it's your round (although that is a classic). We're talking about the illusions contained within Marvin's Magic DVDs.

      Marvin's Magic DVDs

      Magic Money Maker

      Lights From Anywhere

      Miracle Cards

      Impossible Pen Through Money

      Presented in a smart little tin, each DVD explains how to perform a mind-blowing close-up trick that will flabber the gast of whoever's watching. You even get all the relevant props (although the arched eyebrow and slashed open shirt are not included).

      There are four Marvin's Magic DVDs currently available and each one does exactly what it says on the tin. Choose from: Miracle Cards, Impossible Pen Through Money, Magic Money Maker and Lights From Anywhere.

      We really can't stress just how astounding these nifty illusions are. We performed the Pen Through Money trick at a recent party and our popularity instantly sky-rocketed. Indeed we now know how David Copperfield pulled Claudia Schiffer and what attracted Debbie McGee to the millionaire Paul Daniels. Believe us, it wasn't the theatrical mincing or the dodgy syrup. No siree, quality magic is sexy. Just ask Ali Bongo's missus.

      If you've ever fancied yourself as a bit of a conjurer but only know how to perform tricks of the Mr Bean (rather than the Mr Blaine) variety, Marvin's Magic DVDs are for you. What's more you won't have to wave your magic wand or shout abracadabra to get your mitts on them. Simply hit the Buy button and prepare to be astonished. Now that's magic!

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