Marshmallow Dream Cream Kit
  • Marshmallow Dream Cream Kit
  • Marshmallow Dream Cream Kit
  • Marshmallow Dream Cream Kit

Marshmallow Dream Cream Kit


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Important Information:
This product is discounted due to short shelf life. Best before 31/12/2018
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  • Bad skin harshing your mallow?
  • All the ingredients to make your own calming moisturiser
  • Just add a few tablespoons of water!
  • Completely natural, with the restorative magic of marshmallow
  • Not just a squidgy sweet treat, it’s amazing for your skin


Step away from that Pinterest board, we’ve got the answer to your prayers: Finally, a DIY that’s affordable, won’t go wrong, and won’t go off after a single night in the fridge!

Plus, you know, it actually works. Which is kind of a huge plus.

Marshmallow is a famous skin-softener, doubled up in this kit in both leaf and oil form to target every layer of your thirsty skin. Combine that with hydration powerhouses avocado oil and camelina oil and you’ve got yourself a perfectly quenched epidermis. You’re welcome.

Heavenly wafts of sweet, sweet marshmallow not your style? Try our more lavender-y variation.
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