Marshmallow Cross Bow
  • Marshmallow Cross Bow

Marshmallow Cross Bow

Victory is sweet

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    Kid firing a marshmallow using the bow

    Aim and fire your marshmallow!

    Here’s one you won’t see on Time Team. The Marshamallow Cross Bow lets you launch a delicious squidgy projectile an astounding 30 feet.

    If you’ve never launched a marshmallow at someone, you’re missing out on one of life’s little golden moments. The sight of it arcing through the air... the harmless ‘pat’ sound it makes upon impact... the blend of outrage and embarrassment in your colleague, who’s just been tagged by one of the least dangerous objects known to man... ah, we could go on. Suffice it to say if you haven’t yet had the giddy thrill of twanging a mallow across a busy room then you need to give it a try.



    Perfect for breaking the tension in board meetings, getting noticed in class, or just ending your meal on a high, the Marshmallow Cross Bow is great fun for kids of all ages (that includes you). Simply load a standard-sized mallow into the Cross Bow’s chamber, pull the tab at the back to its full extent, aim... and fire! It’s that easy.

    So forget pellets, ping pong balls, foam darts and the rest. Arm yourself with the Marshmallow Cross Bow and a bag of squashy ammo; and pick your target. Ah, victory is sweet.

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