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Marshmallow Blaster
  • Marshmallow Blaster

Marshmallow Blaster

Weapon of mass confection

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    Ready... aim...

    Isn't it a shame real battles aren't fought using marshmallow ammo? That way the only casualties of war would be global sugar supplies and all that wibbly-wobbly stuff that makes marshmallows squishy. More to the point, being shot in the mush by a gelatinous lump of powdered confectionery is infinitely more agreeable than the current alternative.

    Sadly it's unlikely any world leaders are reading this (but if you are, shouldn't you be working?) so your peace-loving friends here at Firebox have decided to seize the initiative by offering all you warring factions out there first dibs on our ingenious Marshmallow Blaster.

    Lock 'n' load Pump it up Fire!

    Lock 'n' load

    Pump it up


    As its name suggests, this colourful weapon of mass confection fires harmless marshmallow ammo, and it does it extremely effectively. Simply pump the handle to build up air pressure, then lock and load a marshmallow. After that the only thing you need to do is find an innocent co-worker…sorry, inanimate target at which to aim your squashy yum-yum bullets.

    Just load, pump and shoot!

    Just load, pump and shoot!

    With an impressive range of over 40ft (yes, 40ft!), the Marshmallow Blaster is ideal for cross-departmental campaigns. Better still, civilian victims of confectionery-crossfire won't be too upset when they discover they've been hit by a squishy sweetie. It really is a win-win weapon!

    In fact the Marshmallow Blaster is one of the sweetest ( sorry ) indoor playthings we've seen in ages. And unlike similarly daft weapons it's bound to be a hit with winners, losers, shooters and targets alike. So get ordering and wreak sweet havoc on your enemies before they beat you to it. We love the smell of powdered sugar in the morning!

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