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Marshall MS4 Micro Amp
  • Marshall MS4 Micro Amp

Marshall MS4 Micro Amp

Little stack, plenty of whack

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    Micro but mighty powerful

    If you want to blow the (doll) house down every time you plug in your guitar you’ll be wanting a full stack. We’re talking two cabs and a head. And it goes without saying that the whole lot’s got to be Marshall, naturally. Unfortunately a full stack is about as portable as a double decker bus with a blue whale driving. So rejoice and downsize with the small but mighty Marshall MS4 Micro Amp.

    Brought to you by the world’s most famous amp-meisters, this 25cm Marshall stack features two speaker cabs and a head so you can make a total Van Halen of yourself wherever you may roam. Boasting fully functioning gain, volume and tone controls, the MS4 is powered via mains or a 9V battery. Roadies, what roadies?

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    Control the gain, volume and tone with this powerful mini amp

    No it doesn’t go all the way to eleven but it does produce an incredibly ‘Marshally’ tone despite its diminutive dimensions – and as anyone knows, when it comes to rock ‘n’ roll, being small is where it’s at. Just ask Prince, Noel Gallagher or Angus Young.

    Ideal for cranking out riffs on the move, the ultra cool Marshall MS4 Micro Amp is great for travelling guitarists looking for authentic Marshall amplification minus the resultant visit to the spinal injury unit. You can even use it as a desktop speaker for your smartphone or other device. Best of all you can tell fellow rockers you’ve got a genuine Marshall stack. Kerrang!

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