Marshall MS2 Micro Amp
  • Marshall MS2 Micro Amp

Marshall MS2 Micro Amp

Honey, I shrunk the amp

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    Micro but mighty powerful

    In the topsy turvy world of rock ‘n’ roll one name reigns supreme. No, not Frankie Cocozza or even H from Steps. We’re talking about Marshall and their iconic, genre-defining amps. The thing is they’re really big (the amps, not the aforementioned reality show fodder). So thank Hendrix for the take-anywhere Marshall MS2 Micro Amp.

    Lilliputian in stature but mighty in sound, this sub 6” shrink-down of a classic Marshall cab boasts all the features synonymous with the legendary rock essential, including a cloth grill, crunchy distortion and plenty of oomph.


    Control the volume, tone and overdrive features.

    As well as ticking all the right boxes in terms of good looks, the MS2 has controls for overdrive, tone and volume (insert Spinal Tap ‘eleven’ quote as required). And despite its amusingly titchy dimensions it still manages to give that classic ‘Marshally’ sound. All this and you can pick it up with one hand. Try doing that with a regular Marshall. Actually don’t, you’ll do your back in.

    Powered by a single 9V battery or mains adaptor, the MS2 is a great practice amp and includes a belt clip and headphone jack. You can even use it to drive an external power amp or press it into service as a desktop speaker for your smartphone or other mobile device. Best of all you won’t have to call upon the services of some hairy roadie every time you want it moved from A to B. Rock ‘n’ roll! Sort of.

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