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Marmite Mug Gift Set
  • Marmite Mug Gift Set

Marmite Mug Gift Set

For the one you love/hate

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    For some people, just hearing the word ‘Marmite’ makes them want to pull off their ears and put them on a hot wash. And yet for others Marmite is a rich and flavoursome snacktime delight; comparable with manna from heaven, ambrosia of the gods, or lembas bread from Galadriel.

    So celebrate this loveable/detestable breakfast spread with the Marmite Mug Gift Set. This iconic ceramic mug comes with two 8g jars of the black stuff. So now you can wash down your yeasty treat with a cup of your favourite hot beverage (don’t mention the B word). Packaged in a stylish gift box, it’s the perfect present for the Marmite fan in your life – or anyone you just love/hate.

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