Marmite Chocolate Truffles
  • Marmite Chocolate Truffles
  • Marmite Chocolate Truffles

Marmite Chocolate Truffles

A jar-ring experience

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  • Are you ready to bewilder your tastebuds?
  • 12 perplexingly scrumptious milk chocolate truffles
  • Each shaped like an adorable little marmite jar
  • A delicious hint of marmite indulgence
  • Tuck on in to this yeasty feast


Mmm, yeast extract and chocolate you say? Should these flavours be mixed together? Who knows. Who cares. Because they have been and boy are the results marvellously delicious.

Don't like marmite? That's the yeast of your problems. Wherever you stand on the great divide, this truffle pack boasts just a dash of marmite, so you'll either love it or love it. Even the most monotonous of taste buds will perk up upon a scoff of one of these magical little truffles.

Smooth, creamy and absurdly tasty, this sumptuous pack of twelve truffles is sure to send you into drooly delirium.
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  • "Scrummy Yummy."
    Martin Denman - 6th of November, 2015