Mario Kart Battle Pack
  • Mario Kart Battle Pack

Mario Kart Battle Pack

Mario minus joypads? Whatever next!

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    Comes with all the pieces to make your own tracks

    We love playing Mario Kart. But there are times when we wish we could conduct our wacky races in a non-pixellated fashion. The trouble is R/C karts can’t receive power-ups or sabotage opponents. Wrong, because the cartoonish contraptions in the Mario Kart Battle Pack can do exactly that.

    These nifty little multi-directional R/C karts are controlled and charged via funky handheld transmitters. And just like the on-screen game you can use various power-ups because each remote is festooned with Mario-inspired buttons:
    • Mushroom: Gives a speed boost
    • Green Shell: Sends your opponent hurtling backwards
    • Lightning: Sends your opponent backwards, disabling them for several seconds
    • Banana: ‘Shoots’ the kart behind and pushes it backwards
    • Star: Causes your opponent to lose control

    Mario Remote control yoshi

    Take the wheel as Mario

    Control your kart and use power-ups

    Challenge as Yoshi

    charging kart

    Charge the karts from the controller

    Once you get the hang of wrecking your opponent’s race you’ll be whizzing around in true Nintendo style. To add to the realism, each controller emits realistic sound effects. We’ll even throw in a start/finish gate, two hill cones and six racing bends. Challenging? Absolutely, but the hardest bit is deciding who’s Mario and who’s Yoshi. Bellissimo!

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