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Mandles (Beer Bottle Candles)
  • Mandles (Beer Bottle Candles)

Mandles (Beer Bottle Candles)

Candles for men. Cheers!

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    Lighting the Mandle

    Recycled beer bottle candle!

    Even the most metrosexual of men don’t go a bundle on scented candles. Too poncy. Sort of things Laurence Llewelyn-Whatsisface might put on the mantelpiece alongside his Marlene Dietrich bust.

    And that’s a shame because scented candles are good news for any bloke looking to replace the stale aroma of last night’s kebab with something more appealing. Enter Mandles – candles for men.

    Designed to satisfy all but the most ridiculous heathens, these delightful scented candles are encased in ingeniously recycled beer bottles. Cheers! Each gorgeous lemon and thyme scented candle has been lovingly hand poured into its mucho-macho receptacle by the St Eval Candle Company based in North Cornwall.

    Not that your mates will be interested in all that when they are publicly lamenting the misuse of an iconic beer bottle whilst secretly kicking themselves for not buying a few. Get ‘em in!

    Corona Carlsberg Sol Corona Light



    (Sorry – No longer available)

    Corona Light

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