Man Wrap Gift Wrap
  • Man Wrap Gift Wrap

Man Wrap Gift Wrap

It’s the thought that counts

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    simply wrap your gifts

    Wrap your present quickly and easily

    Brown paper packages tied up with string? Poppins to that, it’s what’s inside that counts. So the next time you have an amazing gift to wrap, give it the Man Wrap Gift Wrap treatment!

    Guaranteed to give any object the expensive-looking sparkle of a crashed satellite, this colourful decorated tin foil will wrap any shape – Footballs, champagne, puppies, you name it (alright, maybe not puppies). And it even comes on a roll, so applying it is a complete doddle! Just give your gift a couple of laps with the Man Wrap and then press the foil into place. And that’s it!

    Available in either red or blue it's a brilliant nippy way to wrap your Christmas pressies or last minute gifts. ‘Ahh... you shouldn’t have. Really.’

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