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Man Candles
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Man Candles

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    Ideal for the gentleman who appreciates a little atmosphere; the Man Candles take traditional scents and add a drop of masculine mystery. With awesome aromas ranging from The Good Stuff (Sandalwood), Danger (Cassis & Fig), Dog in You (Basil & Coriander) and Motor Oil (Nutmeg & Ginger) they’re on the nose, in a good way.

    Man Candles

    The Good Stuff

    (Cassis & Fig)

    Dog in You
    (Basil & Coriander)

    Motor Oil
    (Nutmeg & Ginger)

    Made from 100% pure, eco-soy wax, with a lead-free wick and recycled jar, these candles won’t cause a stink with environmentalists. So why not light one up and set the mood like a man?

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