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Make it Dirty
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Make it Dirty

The dirt locker

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Make it Dirty
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Love it as much as we do?
  • Finally, a movie game that’s NOT trivia-based
  • Quantum of Solace or ‘Cum-Tum of Sol-Ass’?
  • A game for perverts and dirty-minded filthslingers
  • This one’s 18+, if you hadn’t guessed
  • Turn as many titles lewd as you can, funniest wins!


Everyone has that one friend who makes everything dirty, who can turn anything into an innuendo and does so like it’s punctuation, who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of naughty terms. This is a game for them.

The ‘Director’ draws two movie title cards and flips the sand timer. You’ve got 60 seconds to think of the funniest dirty parody of the films on the cards. For example, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button is now ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin’s Butt’. No Country For Old Men could be ‘No C*nty For Old Men’. The Wizard of Oz = ‘The Jizz-ard of Oz’. You get the picture.

When the timer is out, it’s time to read your answer. Remember, delivery counts! Pretend you’re pitching to a real Director and give it your all for an extra shot at the point. (Plus if you suck up to them, maybe they won’t pull a ‘Make It Harder’ card on you to double up the challenge.) They’ll pick their favourite and then it’s time to begin again. Let’s hope it’s Saving Private Ryan this time so you can finally use ‘Shaving Ryan’s Privates’.

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