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Make Your Own Unicorn

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Make Your Own Unicorn
Love it as much as we do?
  • Treat yourself to some fantasy DIY
  • Comes with all the tools and materials you need
  • Made from coloured dough and a sh*t ton of glitter
  • For unicorn obsessives and creative types alike
Can you really call yourself 'obsessed with Unicorns' if you haven't even made one yourself? No. No you can't.

Fulfil your crafty fantasies and create a fabulous mythical steed with the Make Your Own Unicorn kit – it contains all the tools and materials you need.

Simply roll out and shape the colourful dough and sprinkle on as much glitter as humanly possible. Fashion your creature a pink and blue mane and tale, along with a glistening gold horn – once dry it'll be ready to admire. It'll also be bouncy... and we're not sure why.

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