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Make Your Own Cola Kit
  • Make Your Own Cola Kit
  • Make Your Own Cola Kit
  • Make Your Own Cola Kit

Make Your Own Cola Kit

Full-fat? Diet? Pah. Home-made.

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  • Everything you need to make 9 litres of refreshing Cola
  • Uses all natural ingredients
  • Try and recreate John Pemberton's original elixir
  • Put sappy Lemonade stands out of business


Many layers beneath the Earth’s crust, through vaults of fire and brimstone and past a three-headed hellhound lies Coca Cola’s closely-guarded secret recipe – we are never ever going to get anywhere near it.

The current recipe isn't a patch on John Pemberton's potent original elixir anyway, so rather than assembling a crew of courageous mercenaries and saving up for a large drilling submarine, why not try the Make Your Own Cola Kit.

Join the illustrious ranks of creative, self-sufficient, and inventive people throughout history who have brewed their very own. This kit contains all the natural ingredients and simple step-by-step instructions you need to create a massive nine litres of palatable pop.

Full-fat? Diet? Zero!? Pah. Home-made.
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