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Magpix B350 Digital Camera Binoculars

    Magpix B350 Digital Camera Binoculars

    Perfect for all your hi-tech snooping needs

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      One of the trickiest elements of photographing wildlife is that without a Fleet Street-style behemoth of a zoom lens, you can't get close enough to capture God's furry little creations before they spot you and nick off at full tilt. With one of these babies, though, you can snap away at squirrels, stoats, badgers and the prince of British wildlife, the weasel, to your heart's content, without them even knowing they've been caught in your camera's cross-hairs.

      The inspired combination of fully featured 8x21 binocular and 640x480 digital camera at last puts long range shots within the grasp of the digital photographer and, because the zoom is optical rather than digital, zooming in doesn't cost you valuable resolution.

      The Magpix houses 8MB of SDRAM, which is enough to store a generous 52 images in hi-res mode (640x480) and 209 snaps in lo-res (320x240). Shutter speed is automatic with a maximum rate of 1/8000 second, making the B350 ideal for taking, say, a shot of a deer racing across a plain, desperate to escape the blood-soaked jaws of a ravenous lion, or perhaps a snap of a mouse racing back to its hole at high speed, or maybe an otter.

      What better product to satiate the ornithological and mammalian interests of budding David Attenboroughs everywhere than the Magpix? Of course, there'll always be a small proportion of morally corrupt consumers who choose to use the Magpix for less than ethical applications, but we couldn't possibly imagine what they might be...

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      Taken with Blink Digital Camera

      Taken with MagPix B350

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