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Love it as much as we do?
  • The best way to watch films and TV series on your smartphone
  • Magnifies your phone screen to twice the size
  • Super portable and easy to use
  • Small enough to chuck into a bag, big enough to share with your mates
Train journeys, plane journeys, hot baths – all perfect situations for a casual Netflix binge.

There's no way your smartphone is going to do Game of Thrones justice, but you don't necessarily want to take your laptop on holiday with you or bring it into a steamy bathroom. What to do?

Just slip your phone inside the Magni-Viewer and it magnifies your screen so you can watch movies at twice the size. Perfect – no more holding your smartphone 10cm away from your face.

This sleek device is small enough to chuck into a bag, but big enough to share with your friends.

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