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Magnetix iCoaster
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Magnetix iCoaster

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    Build it yourself!

    Roller coasters rock. And in the case of iCoaster we mean that quite literally because this thrilling construction set allows you to add a soundtrack to your adrenaline-fuelled japes. In fact it's the very first DIY magnetic roller coaster complete with drops, jumps, loops and fully customisable DJ mixes. (Now there's a surprise).

    The idea is to build your coaster using the various sections of track, 'hyper stunts' and towers. There are ten suggested configurations but once you get the hang of basic roller coaster physics you can create countless more.





    Loop the loop


    Special sensor plays
    sound effects!

    Your coaster's 'cars' are little metal balls which are hauled up an elevator and propelled along the track via the power of magnetism. This means iCoaster is capable of some serious jaw-on-the-floor stunts. Balls whoosh through loop-de-loops, boing across trampolines, plummet down sheer drops and scream through crazy corkscrews. They'll even soar, as if by magic, across broken areas in the track. Amazing!


    The Sound FX Music Studio

    But what about the music? Well, iCoaster comes with an ingenious Sound FX Music Studio. Featuring a built-in speaker, this nifty box of tricks is preloaded with over 100 musical combinations (10 musical backgrounds and 10 sensor beats available), so you really can rock as you roll. You can even position special sensors along the tracks and create a bizarre cacophony of tunes and effects. If the preloaded stuff doesn't give you that coaster-esque stomach-in-mouth thrill, simply plug in your MP3 player and add your own tunes. Ace of Spades? Yes please!

    Sound FX Music Studio connections:


    Connect up your MP3 player and the sensors to create a party masterpiece!

    We guarantee you'll be completely mesmerised the moment you see this state-of-the-art, multi-sensory joy ride in action. Why, if real coasters were half as much fun as iCoaster, we might even be tempted to stand in a queue for two hours to find out what the bloke in front had for lunch. Wheeeeee!!

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