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Magnetic Sticks

    Magnetic Sticks

    More Marvellous Magnetic Modular Mayhem!

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      Like other modular, magnetic construction kits you may be familiar with, Magnetic Sticks and Balls allow you to construct all manner of weird and wonderful things, from boats to houses to stellated icosahedrons. The genius of Magnetic Sticks lies in their simplicity and resulting flexibility. There are only two kinds of building block - steel balls and magnetic sticks (hence the name) but from the simplest components emerge complex and beautiful forms. A bit like life, really.

      Magnetic Sticks: Spinny Tower

      With Magnetic Sticks, the only limit to what you can create is your imagination. And the number of pieces you have, obviously. The beautiful thing about them is that as your skill and ambition grows, you can just keep buying more sets to add to your collection. You might start by making something really simple like, say, a stellated dodecahedron, but before long you will be building scale-model replicas of the Eiffel Tower and Forth Railway Bridge. They really bring out the Isambard Kingdom Brunel in you! Or Alec Eiffel.

      Magnetic Sticks: Pyramid

      The appeal of Magnetic Sticks is not limited to budding Engineers, though. Far from it! Crystallographers will also love the way you can build body-centred cubic lattices to your hearts content! They also make the perfect 'executive toy', making the Newton's Cradle seem as boring as it actually is. Click, clack...yawn. Perfect for when you need a little break from staring at your monitor to refresh your synapses with a bit of pointless fiddling. Before you know it, half the afternoon is gone and you still haven't done any work, but hey, you've built a really cool pyramid!

      Magnetic Sticks: Helicopter

      Magnetic Sticks are such a simple and brilliant idea, its amazing that nobody has thought of it before. Ahem. If you have yet to experience the addictive, brain-boosting and work-avoiding delights of marvellous modular magnetic construction kits, there are three size of kit to choose from. You might start with a 42-piece kit, but be warned, before you know it the 86 and 184-piece kits will seem most enticing.

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