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Magnetic Polaframes
  • Magnetic Polaframes

Magnetic Polaframes

Retro-fy your photos

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    Magnetic Polaframes

    Who's on the Fridge?

    Thanks to the relentless march of technology, regular 4”x6” photos have got an increasingly retro feel to them. So why not go one step further and make ‘em look like proper old-school Polaroids.

    Polaframes are ingenious magnetic frames that can be used to stick photos to your fridge or filing cabinet. But here’s the twist: thanks to chunky white borders they make pics look like retro Polaroids. They even come with an erasable pen so you can write captions on the chunky lower border. ‘Me playing with Evel Knievel, 2010.’ Spooky.

    Magnetic Polaframes Magnetic Polaframes Magnetic Polaframes

    Trim if needed

    Write a caption

    Erase and re-use!

    Reusable, Polaframes are a doddle to rig. Simply choose any normal photo, place the Polaframe on it and cut around if required. Then just write your caption in the space below. Brilliant, eh? There are half a dozen frames and one marker in each pack, so…hold on, half a dozen? We’re back in the good ol’ 20th century already. Say cheese!

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