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Magnetic Eyelashes

Lashing out

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Love it as much as we do?
  • Like normal false eyelashes, but magnetic!
  • Completely safe for eyes, safer than regular fake lashes in fact
  • No glue, no wobbly applicators, just pure glamour
  • Applies perfectly every time in less than 20 seconds
  • Reusable, easy to clean, long lasting
  • Choose from three different styles


A wise woman once said the best part of a night out is getting ready. Taking the time to transform yourself from a 6 to a 10. Going all out instead of the boring daytime BB cream + mascara combo. And, of course, the zenith of ‘going all out’ is false eyelashes.

Pity they’re a colossal pain in the ass, hard to get right and about as likely to stick around as as a guy who types ‘aha’ instead of ‘hahaha’ in messages. You really want to be that girl in the club photos whose lashes are peeling at the corners? K...

Magnetic lashes to the rescue. They look just like the real thing, except with no glue and no fiddling. Simply slip them over your top row of eyelashes, one on top, one on the bottom.

They connect via the super discreet magnets on the ends which are tucked out of the way for zero pinching, you can’t even tell they’re there. The maker of these lifesavers says they take 20 seconds to apply but we reckon it’s probably half that once you get the knack.

No more gluing your eyelids together! No more putting your entire eyeball in jeopardy by using tweezers in a futile attempt to lay that band down. Put those flimsy impulse purchase strips of hair in the bin and make a real investment in your future lewks.
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