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Wind away the wire

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    Well you know how magnets work, right?

    Walking around wearing headphones is all well and good but the flippin’ cable has a mind of its own. When it’s not busy attacking you, it’s tangling itself into inexplicably complex knots, getting caught on door knobs and flapping about like a particularly annoying length of linguine. Enter (accompanied by a whisper of ‘cor, that’s clever’) the Magneat.

    Magneat Magneat Magneat



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    Magneat Magneat Magneat



    This titchy button-style device has been designed to tidy away excess headphone cable. End of. Simply slide the magnetic yo-yo-ish unit apart, place the front bit on your shirt (or whatever else you happen to be wearing) and secure it in place with the back bit. Then just wind any excess cable into Magneat’s hidden clutches. Easy, eh!

    Ideal for commuters, joggers, gym bunnies, cyclists, musicians, skateboarders and anyone else who loves music but hates dangly cables, Magneat is destined to become your most beloved MP3/phone accessory. Yes, really!



    Available in plain and patterned versions that will complement any outfit, this cool little gadget is so practical you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. What’s more, as well as keeping cables tangle-free, Magneat will relieve your precious lugholes of the annoying weight and motion of excess cable. Result!

    If any of you cheapskates out there are thinking of other ways to manage your headphones’ pesky cable, think away. Tucking it under your clothes inevitably pulls it out of its socket, sticky tape is rubbish, and trying to wind any excess around your buttons will only succeed in ripping open your shirt – not a good look on the 8.15 from Euston. *Mildly sexist joke removed following a heated debate on political correctness*. So the answer, dear headphone wearer, is simple – and its name is Magneat. Don’t leave home without it!

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