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Magna Darta

    Magna Darta

    funtastic, puntastic magnetic dart board!

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      Darts - noblest and most physically demanding of all sports - has an illustrious history stretching back hundreds of years. Rumour has it that the sport originated as a contest between bored warriors during respites from battle. In fact, darts historian Keith Talent claims that a form of darts was played in Atlantis. But some people will say anything...

      Darts is one of the most popular pub games, which seems slightly odd given that it involves throwing sharp projectiles across a room full of inebriated people. (Naturally it was invented in Britain.) The chrome spokes have exerted their hypnotic allure upon successive generations of sartorially challenged "dartists", yet in all this time nobody seems to have been unduly worried about the distinct possibility of "having someone's eye out" or killing the landlord's dog. Until now. Enter the brilliantly simple, yet simply brilliant Magna Darta!


      Magna Darta comprises a heavy-duty magnetic felt dartboard and two sets of perfectly safe, drunkard and dog friendly magnetic darts. (Unless it is a robot dog, in which case you might end up scrambling his brain, but how likely is that? A robot dog...the very idea!) The flexible board can be rolled up and stored discreetly in moments if you don't always want to have that exciting pub bar vibe in your living room, bedroom or office.

      darts, keith

      You might think that the aerodynamic properties of the - admittedly stubby - magna darts would leave something to be desired, but after extensive field tests here at Firebox House we are happy to report that they fly straight and true. They also seem to be immune to the dreaded "dart bounce" as there are no pesky wires to get in the way. You will also avoid the "halo of holes" effect, which plagues many a teenager's bedroom door, much to the delight of parents throughout the land.

      So what are you waiting for? Roll up, roll up and experience the joys of Magna Darta, more fun that you can shake a chandelier at!

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