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Magna Cube
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Magna Cube

Magna-ificently perplexing puzzle

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New Version:
Magna Cube now comes with it's very own wooden stand, so you can proudly display your completed puzzle!


    Magna Cube

    New: Magna Cube with Stand!

    Life is full of challenging puzzles: how to get your quid out of the supermarket trolley; how to open a child-proof lid when you're over 18; how to assemble flat packed furniture without tearing your hair out. The list goes on and on.

    Magna Puzzle And yet, whilst most of these everyday brainteasers are infuriating, we still can't get enough of puzzles. Maybe it's because solving a complex puzzle gives us a sense of satisfaction. Or perhaps it's because we like to appear more intelligent than our peers. It could even be that playing with a good old puzzle is tons of fun.

    Magna Puzzle The Magna Cube definitely falls into the latter category, as it is one of the most entertaining and ingenious puzzles ever devised. Just looking at it is enough to give the finest puzzle-meister palpitations, because as any pro-puzzler knows, the easier it looks, the harder it is! Thankfully, once you start messing with the Magna Cube you'll realise what a captivating load of blocks it really is.

    Magna Puzzle The Magna Cube consists of eight gorgeously crafted wooden blocks that must be rebuilt back into a cube shape. The twist is, the blocks contain magnets, so some sections repel each other whilst others attract. This means they can only be fitted together in a very specific way. Aargh!

    Magna Puzzle If all this sounds confusing, it is! But then that's the general idea. The Magna Cube is a fantastic hour cruncher and it's so incredibly enthralling you'll be oblivious to those annoying onlookers begging you to 'gissago'. A guaranteed classic-in-the-making, this is truly Magna-ificent!

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