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Magical Unicorn Onesie

Fantasy Fur Coat

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Magical Unicorn Onesie
  • Avoid the daily chore of deciding what to wear
  • Slip your body into the warm, fluffy hide of this wondrous creature
  • Features a noble golden horn and lustrous multicolour mane
  • Use it to purify your body after a long night of debauchery
Strolling through the mythical meadows on a hot summers afternoon when we happened upon a fallen unicorn. Hooves quivering, glittery tears streaming down its mournful face, it stared up at us and began whispering its final breath – "Firebox I'm done for, skin me alive and turn me into the greatest onesie ever imagined".

So we did.

Now there's no need to spend another moment worrying about what you're going to wear; just slide your sexy physique into the warm, comforting hide of this fantastical creature. Graced with a beautiful plush exterior, soft and fleecy interior, pastel rainbow main and a big ol' golden horn – our taxidermists really did a remarkable job.

The Magical Unicorn Onesie is perfect for lazy days on the couch, creative thinking at the office, partying at a music festival or galloping merrily around a field on your hands and knees. Make sure this animal didn't die in vain – pull on this mythical garment and become the rampant stallion you were born to be.

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3 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "So soft and fluffy, making it perfect for lounging lazily in style."
    Shanneen - 19th of August, 2016
  • " Mrs hated it...just the reaction I was going for! ;)."
    Rob - 18th of August, 2016
  • "It even has pockets! Possibly the softest onesie I've ever worn and it has a rainbow tail. . Need I say more?"
    Karl - 6th of July, 2016