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Magical Unicorn Mystery Box
  • Magical Unicorn Mystery Box

Magical Unicorn Mystery Box

Horn of plenty

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  • Bring a little magic and wonder into your/someone else's world
  • The perfect gift for lovers of this incredible creature
  • Put your fate in the delicate hooves of a Unicorn
  • Won't trigger an explosion of glitter when you open it


Just to clarify – we haven't ensnared a wild Unicorn, crumpled its delicate limbs and crammed it into a cardboard box. BUT in honour of National Unicorn Day we've gathered together a majestic array of products that capture the essence of this enchanting creature and packaged them up for your pleasure.

Our classic Mystery Boxes have brought some much-needed risk and excitement back to the act of gift-giving, and now the Magical Unicorn Mystery Box has pranced elegantly onto the scene to infuse a little magic and wonder into the proceedings.

We can't guarantee that the box will explode with glitter and project a blazing rainbow across the sky when you open it, but you can be sure that this ethereal package is filled to brim with four sensational Unicorn products. So whether it's an impulsive treat for yourself or a mystery gift for a mate, embrace the unknown and put your fate in the supple hooves of a Unicorn.

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8 Reviews

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  • "I LOVED it. I liked all of the items and just wants to subscribe this box every month 👋⭐️"
    Rebecca - 7th of November, 2017
  • "This box was so fantastically amazing!! So much fun not knowing what you are getting!! Really great value for money. Thank You Firebox "
    Lily - 31st of May, 2017
  • "Excellent value. Full priced items worth almost double the box :)"
    Ella - 10th of February, 2017
  • "Amazing items for an amazing price, well worth it!"
    Hollie - 24th of January, 2017
  • "Awesome contents - we have lots of happy people in the household well worth the gamble of unicorn magicalness and rainbow farts."
    Jane Donovan - 1st of July, 2016