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Magical Unicorn Mug and Wand

Stir up some magic

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Magical Unicorn Mug and Wand
  • Our new favourite Unicorn mug
  • Rainbow mane handle and metallic gold horn
  • Mix up your drinks with the included magic wand stirrer
  • Perfect for tea, coffee and overflowing freak shakes
If there's one thing we can't stand at Firebox – it's mugs and unicorns. Absolutely hate them.

Juuust messing. Meet the latest addition to our ever-growing collection of sensational mugs – the Magical Unicorn Mug and Wand.

This squat ceramic steed has a flowing rainbow mane, metallic gold features and a cute little wand for stirring up your tea/coffee/whisky/freakshake (delete as appropriate).

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