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Magical Mermaid Socks


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Magical Mermaid Socks
It's new, exclusive and it's a Firebox Original! 😱
  • Give your tedious human feet a mermaid makeover
  • 2 pairs of socks embellished with different iridescent designs
  • Forms a mermaid's tail when you put your feet together
  • Made from a super-soft cotton blend
  • Won't give you clammy feet
  • Created by Firebox
Everyone secretly wishes they were born a Mermaid, but not everyone wants to lug a massive slimy tail around with them – that's where Magical Mermaid Socks come in.

Packaged in a cardboard gift box; these soft, cotton-blend socks are embellished with two different iridescent designs – a mermaid's tail and a stylised clam shell.

Dip a toe inside these shimmery socks and give your tedious human feet a mermaid makeover.

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