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Magical Amazing Robot

Tell me the answer, robot

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    What's the answer oh wise robot?

    Now, before you go pointing and laughing just remember that people in the 1960’s and 1970’s were still coming to terms with the moon landing, nuclear weapons and William Shatner as a sex symbol. So when the Magical Amazing Robot game first appeared it really was both amazing and magical.

    These days we’re a bit more cynical (or better informed), but set up this thoroughly retro-looking game and you’ll see even now it has a certain quirky charm. We won’t tell you how, but using a process that isn’t magic this robot will correctly answer your questions. Every time!

    Just place him on a question sheet and move his pointer to the question you want to ask. Then move him to the answer sheet. He will automatically rotate until his pointy-stick is on the correct answer. Miraculous? Not really. Fun? Definitely.

    The Magical Amazing Robot makes a fun general knowledge game. Take on the robot and keep points for your correct answers. Or simply bring him out at parties to dazzle guests and bring pangs of nostalgia to baby boomers in the room.

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