Magic Sakura Tree
  • Magic Sakura Tree
  • Magic Sakura Tree
  • Magic Sakura Tree

Magic Sakura Tree

The cherry (blossom) on top

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Magic Sakura Tree
Love it as much as we do?
  • Enchanting sakura tree grows crystal ‘flowers’
  • Just add a little sprinkle of the included magic water
  • Instant cherry blossoms, without the green-fingered hassle
  • The only plant you can’t kill


It’s time to admit that you just can’t look after house plants. You withered that succulent. You put that cactus through a drought of biblical proportions. And the less said about what happened to that peace lily, the better.

Finally, a plant that you CAN’T kill! And you’re even guaranteed a flowering. Well, a crystal-ing.

Growing your own magical cherry blossom tree is unbelievably easy: just unfold, stand it up, sprinkle some of the included magic water and within a few hours, you’ll have little clusters of perky pink blossoms appearing on each branch.

Give it time and you’ll have an entire tree of beautiful, shimmering sakura crystals to admire. Far more cost effective than trying to travel to Japan to see the real thing, far less stressful than trying to grow your own real one.

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