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Magic Potion Lamp
  • Magic Potion Lamp

Magic Potion Lamp

Works like a charm

Product not available at the moment.
  • Light up the darkness like a master alchemist
  • Magically changes modes and colours
  • Tap the bottle to change colours. Screaming 'lumos' is optional
  • Magic isn't actually real. Sorry.


Do RPG's really hit the spot? Been known to enjoy an occasional larp? Well, this is the lamp for you.

Although not actually magic (because that thing doesn't exist) this Magic Potion Lamp is rather ruddy spellbinding.

Displaying a magical array of colours, this touch activated lamp flicks between the world's best colours: red, green, yellow, blue just by tapping the top of the bottle. It can even slowly fade through this glorious spectrum, should you so wish.

While it may not cause paralysis or reverse the effects of vampirism - it will make your humble abode look mighty freakin' fine - oozing a soothing ambience for all to enjoy.

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