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Magic IQ Box
  • Magic IQ Box

Magic IQ Box

Why, you infuriating little ****!

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    Trying to open  up the Magic IQ Box

    hmm... get me a hammer!

    You’d think it would be pretty difficult to develop a love/hate relationship with a little wooden crate. But that’s exactly how you’ll feel about the Magic IQ Box because this infuriating receptacle is virtually impossible to open. Oh well, at least you can look at the accompanying instructions. What’s that? There aren’t any? Aargh!

    Although it’s a phenomenally frustrating standalone puzzle, this devious box is also designed to accommodate small gifts. Simply put your goodies inside, present it to your unsuspecting recipient and point and laugh as they struggle to open it. Haha! But hang on; if there aren’t any instructions how do you open it in the first place? Double haha! It’s the reusable gift that keeps on giving because before you can make someone else suffer, you must first feel their pain.

    With no obvious openings, hinges, keyholes, latches or moving parts, the Magic IQ Box is unlike any other ‘release the pressie’ puzzle you’ve ever seen. Initial curiosity and mild amusement will soon be replaced by utter fury and plenty of expletive-packed yelling as recipients fiddle with this tortuous box for hours on end. You’ve got to laugh.

    Engagement ring by the Magic IQ Box

    Play hard to get – the fun way!

    Obviously we’d hate to see our loyal customers suffer too much so we’ll give you a clue: the Magic IQ features a simple mechanism that’s a doddle to open once you know how. The trouble is you don’t. And we do. Triple haha! Don’t worry, you’ll get there in the end.

    For the ultimate joke, once you solve this vexing brainteaser, may we suggest filling it with – wait for it – nothing. Nada. Now’t. Zilch. Now that really is funny. And we should know because we’ve fallen for it. You can even put in an IOU or a bit of paper scrawled with a suitably deflating message. ‘My friend went to Firebox and all I got was this lousy box.’ Aargh!

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