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Magic Heart Candle
  • Magic Heart Candle
  • Magic Heart Candle

Magic Heart Candle

Burning with desire

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  • Emits an enchanting red glow from within once the wick is lit
  • Infinitely more romantic than a regular candle
  • Only glows when love is in the air
  • Unleash primal and sexual urges with the power of the colour 'red'
  • As magical as David Copperfield


The Magic Love Candle is approximately 300% more romantic than your typical wax ornament. Firstly it possesses that classic heart shape to really set the tone, secondly it emits a dreamy crimson glow from within when you light the wick, and thirdly – it's magical.

More importantly, these mysterious decorations only glow red when love is in the air, so you'll know for absolute certain that it's precisely the right time to "make your move".

Better still, red is the colour that taps into our primal and sexual urges – could you ask for a more evocative and stimulating ambiance this Valentine's Day?

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  • "Amazing candle and it is pretty bright when lit up."
    Jonathan - 10th of March, 2015