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Magic Choc

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    Magic Choc Large

    New: Magic Choc Large!

    As if chocolate couldn’t get any more fantastic, now you can mould, shape and model with it! Using a new technique – which is kept a closely-guarded secret – the makers of Magic Choc are able to process the finest Belgian white, dark and milk chocolate in such a way that it sets but remains soft enough to manipulate.

    So, like delicious modelling clay, or scoffable plastecine, you can make shapes, model objects and craft animals to your heart’s content. And when you’re finished... well, you can devour the lot, of course!

    cat sheep pig

    You could make a model of your cat...

    A lovely white chocolate sheep...

    Or even a greedy little piggy!

    Milk chocolate

    What could you turn this
    chocolate into?

    Great for keeping the kids amused and as a gift, or party favour. The set even comes with antibacterial wipes, so you can make sure hands and surfaces are hygienic before you get stuck in. Come on, let’s get cocoa-creative!
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