Magic 8 Ball
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Magic 8 Ball

The American classic

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    Magic 8 ball
    Every house in America has a Magic 8 Ball - or so we're led to believe, based on its constant appearances in TV comedy and drama. This proliferation must mean that it truly is magic. It cannot be just a plastic polyhedron, emblazoned with all-encompassing answers, which rights itself in a pool of liquid trapped in a black bubble. There's summink strange in them there plastic parts...

    Magic 8 ball
    All you do is ask the Magic 8 Ball a question, shake it a bit and then look to the porthole in its base for a timely and reasonable answer. Of course, the question has to be a tentative prediction of potential future happenings. 'Will that bloke in the cubicle opposite ever get rid of those IRRITATING monitor gonks?' and 'can it be true that despite my promising never, ever to watch that shower again, I will get a season ticket again next year?' are good examples of posers to set your 8 Ball. Ask it who won the Best Actor Oscar in 1972*, or the place and time of Sue Barker's only Grand Slam tennis title**, and you're in for a long wait.

    Magic 8 ball

    Shake it and see!

    Leave one of these on your desk and people are virtually guaranteed to come and shake it. It also doubles as a paperweight. And, it looks like a giant 8 ball from pool - which is cool because, well, it just is. So as well as mapping out your life and making vital decisions for you, the Magic 8 Ball is an oversized novelty sporting whatnot. How much more do you want for your money?

    * Marlon Brando for The Godfather
    ** Roland Garros (the French Open), 1976

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