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  • Madballs


It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world!

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    The 80s brought us plenty of yucky faces - from Beetlejuice to Freddy Krueger, and let's not even mention Michael Jackson. But in terms of sheer weirdness, nothing beat Madballs. These bizarre bouncing balls with gruesome faces were huge during the decade that style forgot. Sadly, like legwarmers and mullets they faded into obscurity. But you can't keep a good craze down because Madballs are back and they're just as disgusting as ever!



    These re-issued classics are still made from high quality foam rubber and they're still pretty useless as balls. But that's not the point because Original Series One Madballs are still as lavishly gross as you remember. Best of all, many of your favourite characters are back, re-designed and uglier than the originals. There's even a new Madball called RepVile, complete with moon rock complexion and spikes - get the idea?


    Bash Brain™


    Horn Head™

    But what of your old pals? Well they're all here - from Skull Face and Screamin' Meemie to Slobulus, Hornhead and Bash Brain. Bash who? Well that's the new name for the Madball formerly known as...erm, well get Googling and it'll soon become screamingly obvious why a name change was required.


    Screamin' Meemie™

    Skull Face™


    These scary-faced spheres are still seriously colourful and hilariously revolting. In fact Screamin' Meemie (the baseball gone horribly wrong) is enough to give a grown man nightmares, whilst Slobulus makes Lyle Lovett look like Brad Pitt. Yet for some unfathomable reason, Madballs remain incredibly lovable. We've got the whole series lined up here at Firebox HQ and everyone wants a quick squish.


    Colorful Packaging

    Whether you remember them first time round or you're new to the whole Madballs phenomenon, we guarantee you'll be unable to stop squishing, admiring and boinging your gruesome orb the second it arrives. And with more all-new Madballs in the pipeline there's never been a better time to start collecting. So hurry up and hit the Buy button and prepare to be totally repulsed!

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