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      Where would Lennon have been without McCartney? Elton without Bernie? Bacharach without David? Claire without H? You catch our drift. But now with this amazing new gadget you don't need a talented partner to help bring your tunes to life - you'll be a totally self-sufficient unstoppable music-producing force! Read on...

      MadPlayer is the worldÂ’s first hand-held interactive digital music player/recorder that allows you to create, play with, change, listen to, and store music of exceptional sound quality.

      Using a soundbank of over 550 instruments and sounds, MadPlayerÂ’s unique, proprietary software (called "Generative Music Algorithms") will help you create limitless tunes in a huge range of different styles and genres - including ballads, techno, house, garage, hip-hop, RnB, manga and ambient.

      As if that wasn't enough, it also has a karaoke machine, FM radio, and is also a fully-functional MP3 player that can store pre-recorded music downloaded in all today’s popular file formats – including MP3, WMA and MIDI.

      Now everyone can be a DJ - use the controller and effects buttons to choose the music style you want, then change various aspects of the music (drums, lead, bass, instruments, voice), add samples and effects to the mix and then save and share your songs.

      Product features:
      • Electronic DJ - Automatically creates and plays a range of musical styles which you can then modify, interact with and save in real-time. Can also be used by professionals to play unlimited copyright-free music (phone PBXs, restaurants, shops, aerobics clubs).
      • Composing Wizard - Anyone can compose hiphop, techno, etc. tunes in just a few seconds!
      • MP3 + WMA player - Plays MP3 and WMA songs transferred from CD or Internet.
      • Voice Sampler/mixer - Inputs voice to music via a microphone, records voice samples with built-in sophisticated sound effects.
      • Synthesizer Mode - Create, play, and record professional digital MIDI music.
      • Karaoke - Plays Karaoke music and displays words on LCD, or TV.
      • PC Interface - Interfaces with PC computers for remote configuration and music file up/downloading from computer or Internet
      • Voice Over - Adds userÂ’s voice over with music via built-in microphone w/digital sound effects
      • SmartMedia Card* - Loads and stores digital files and user configuration parameters.
      • Digital Media - Provides Skip-free playback
      • FM receiver - FM radio tuner
      • Upgradeable Firmware - New versions of firmware can be downloaded from the Internet to enhance features and capabilities.
      *Smart Media Memory Card - transportable compact digital storage media that can be bought in memory capacities of 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 Megabytes.

      Frequently asked questions

      So what actually is the MadPlayer?
      The MadPlayer is the worldÂ’s only "Generactive" digital music player. The MadPlayer is a hand-held, multi-functional, exceptional-sounding portable music player/recorder based on MadWavesÂ’ proprietary Generactive Music Technology, which generates copyright-free music users can play with, change, listen to and share with others.

      ...OK, so what is Generactive Music then?
      It’s a completely new music category. It’s digitally-created (generated) music with which one can interact – that is, play with, change, add to and share – rather than just listen to. "Generactive" is the word which describes this idea: copyright-free music you can create (generate) and then play with (interact with). Generactive Music is music created by (generated by) MadWaves’ proprietary music algorithm technology, with which the user then interacts (plays with, changes, shares, etc.) to make music that is uniquely their own.

      What kinds/styles of music does MadPlayer play?
      MadPlayer can play music in all the hottest new styles, including: jungle, ragga, house, techno, rap, hip-hop, trance, RnB – you name it. And they're adding styles all the time. Visit the website to download new styles using MadWare – the Company’s software (also downloadable from the site).

      What can I do with music using the MadPlayer?
      MadPlayer puts you in total control of the music. It lets you do all of this: compose/create music automatically using buttons and a joystick; add and use samples of your voice, songs or any sound; share it with others; plug MadPlayer into any sound system or listen yourself with the included headphones; be your own DJ; create playlists; mix your own songs; do voiceovers; entertain; sing karaoke; hold music contests; rap; style; exchange and share songs instantly; create dance songs; download popular music; listen to FM radio; record your voice, sounds, and then change or distort them; and, much much more.

      Can I save my MadSongs?
      Absolutely. Anytime you like what you hear and want to keep it, just push the save button. MadPlayer saves a typical MadSong in 1,000 times less space than saving an MP3. MadPlayer saves on SmartMedia – a 32-megabyte SmartMedia card comes with the unit. That’s enough storage space for hundreds and hundreds of MadSongs.

      Is MadPlayer compatible with other music formats?
      MadPlayer supports MP3, WMA, MIDI, WAVEs, MIDI Karaoke files. MadSongs made with MadWavesÂ’ Generactive Music Technology are saved in a proprietary format using just a few kilobytes, whatever the song duration is.

      Listen to the MadPlayer in action
      The following demo MP3 audio files give you a taste of what the MadPlayer can do! (Please note: the Low Quality files are much smaller and faster to download, but the sound quality does suffer as a result - the MadPlayer sounds much better in real life!)

      Low Quality Demos (20 kbps) High Quality (128 kbps)
      (...The "Downbeat" and "HipHop" demos are the office favourites at the moment.)

      Watch the Madplayer in action!
      1.3 mb | 5.5 mb
      (RealPlayer, streaming)
      Click here if you don't have RealPlayer

      More detail and specification