Summer Sale 2018
Maclove Titan for iPhone
  • Maclove Titan for iPhone

Maclove Titan for iPhone


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    rotating stand animation

    Change the angle to suit your apps

    Where do you put your iPhone when you’re sitting at your desk? In a drawer? On a shelf? On top of your Jonathan Ives shrine? It doesn’t really matter because thanks to the Maclove Titan iPhone Stand there’s now only one place to put it.

    With its knowingly iMac-esque styling and sturdy construction, this solid aluminium stand will accommodate the iPhone 4 only. Admiring your gizmo has never been so satisfying. Better still, rubberised corner grips ensure you can fiddle with that glorious touchscreen and access all ports and buttons without removing your iPhone from the Titan’s secure clutches.

    Fit the iPhone into the Titan

    iPhone fits snuggly in the rubber grips

    A multi-view rotation function makes watching movies and nattering via FaceTime in landscape or portrait a pleasure, while a fingerprint-repellent surface means this curvaceous oojamiflip will remain as immaculate as your precious iThing.

    We love this stand so much we reckon it’s worth buying an iMac just so you can put the Titan next to it and say ‘Waddya think of them Apples!’ But that would be silly. Sort of.

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