Maclove Messager for iPad
  • Maclove Messager for iPad

Maclove Messager for iPad

‘Cos iPads love leather too

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    iPad in Messager

    Protect your iPad in stylish leather

    Rumour has it that cows are lining up to donate their hides to the good people at Maclove. And who can blame them because everyone wants to embrace an iPad, even if it means a one-way trip to the tannery.

    Lovingly crafted in full-grain leather, the lightweight, form-fitting Maclove Messager for iPad provides sleek protection for your precious gizmo, adding a touch of traditional class in the process. Pack it away in virtually any bag or use it as a slimline carry case when you’re out and about.
    It's thin!

    The Maclove Messager very slim but protects against bumps and scratches to your iPad

    step 1 step 2 step 3

    Slide your iPad into the Messager

    Tie up the fasteners with the cord

    Et voilà! Your iPad is now leather clad

    Embossed Logo

    Has a subtle but nice embossed logo

    As well as its practical applications, the gorgeously tactile Messager really looks the part. Matching stitching, an embossed Maclove motif and button fasteners combine to create a case of pure class that you’ll be using till the cows come home – and in this case that’s a mighty long time. Moo!

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