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MaKey MaKey

Everyday Invention Kit

Product not available at the moment.
  • Transform everyday objects into versatile touch-pad controllers
  • Perfect for beginners, artists, engineers and everything in between
  • Compatible with over 5 million software apps
  • Works with any material that conducts an electrical current
  • From Play-Doh to pencils, grapes to Grandma


simple setup

A basic controller configuration

An incredible introduction to circuits and controls, the MaKey MaKey is about as hands-on as inventing gets. Designed by two very clever chaps in the US, and originally launched through Kickstarter, we’re super excited to bring you this UK exclusive.

Basically, MaKey MaKey allows you to create computer controllers from everyday items. All you need is the kit, some crocodile clips and an assortment of objects. Any material that will conduct even a slight electrical current will work as a control surface; from Play-Doh to pencils, from grapes to Grandma.

pencil animation

You can even draw a pencil controller

Simply load up a program – games, instruments, word processors, you name it – and plug in the MaKey MaKey board; then it’s just a case of deciding what does what. You can control Pac-Man from a pencil drawing, or turn a staircase into a piano.

The best thing about MaKey MaKey is its simplicity. Rather than requiring hours of setup and study, you can open the box and be experimenting immediately. Making it perfect for budding boffins, expert engineers and everyone in between.

Crocodile clip the internet to your world

More detail and specification