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MSN Webcam Missile Launcher
  • MSN Webcam Missile Launcher

MSN Webcam Missile Launcher

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    MSN Missile Launcher

    Equipt with a webcam!

    Boinging colleagues with rubber bands and slapping them with rulers is not nearly as amusing as bombarding them with foam missiles. And that's why executive warmongers need a USB-powered missile launcher. But if you're going to waste time playing with infantile weapons of mass distraction, you might as well arm yourself with the latest model.

    MSN Missile Launcher

    Move the missile launcher round, up and down

    The MSN Webcam Missile Launcher is the ultimate projectile flinger for all you busy-doing-nothing office types, as it features an integrated webcam and can be controlled via MSN Instant Messenger. Thanks to the quality onboard webcam you'll get a live, launcher's eye view of the attack - mwa-ha-ha! But here's the really good bit: by hooking up to MSN you (or anyone on your MSN list) can control the launcher remotely from anywhere in the world.

    How it works:

    MSN Missile Launcher

    Install the software on the CD

    Use the application to move

    View the target through the webcam and fire!

    Firing through MSN:

    MSN Missile Launcher

    Invite a friend to launch a missile through MSN!

    MSN Missile Launcher

    3 foam darts

    There's even an on-screen menu that allows you to rotate and tilt the launcher and fire your squishy ammo at any target. Genius! You could be sitting on a beach and giving the bloke 'borrowing' your stapler a faceful of foam. That'll teach him to go through your drawers. Capable of firing its harmless missiles up to 10ft, this timewaster's dream even features a range of sound effects, including a warning siren, boinging noise and the classic missile launch whoosh. "Honest boss, I didn't hear a thing."

    MSN Missile Launcher

    Ready to launch!

    Once all your MSN buddies are armed with Webcam Missile Launchers you can ping each other as you chat online, operating their launchers from your computer. Here at Firebox the battle for office supremacy is never-ending: Vice Admiral Pingtastic just sploshed a missile straight into Supreme Commander Missalot's tea (what, don't you use military handles?) and all hell's breaking loose. In fact, let's stop talking ballistics: we strongly recommend you zero-in on the Buy button and get ordering sharpish. This war is about to go global!


    MSN Missile Launcher

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