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    Size doesn't always matter

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      We downloaded a 5.8MB track in only 8 seconds!! To fill the 128MB memory took less than 2 minutes. This is the fastest download speed we have come across to date. MPIO really have done their homework on this sleek MP3 player.

      The DMK boasts the following features: 128MB on board memory (Non expandable, come on...what do you expect? It's tiny!!), Super fast USB connection, beautiful backlight LCD display with ID3 tag support, 5 equalizer modes, 5 repeat modes, MAC compatible. 1 single AAA battery will give you 10 hours of playback. Most functions are accessed using a simple jog switch.

      Sound quality on the DMK is second to none. During testing we listened to the player with the volume set to 37 (40 being maximum), full bass.....full everything and on a decent set of headphones your ears will bleed before the thing distorts. All in excellent player for its size and money....and we think it's fantastic!

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