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    MPIO DMG10

    18 hours of playback

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      The DMG10 comes with a standard 128MB on-board memory with the option to expand it to a massive 256MB with a 128MB SMC. Based on a standard track time of 4 minutes and a compression rate of 64Kbps with WMA format (equivalent of 128Kbps in MP3 format) you can store nearly 130 of your top tracks! That's nearly 9 hours of music, how cool is that? And with the super fast transfer time of 9 seconds for a 4-5MB track, your 9 hours of music can be transferred in an incredible 18 minutes. Also the world's best battery life from one AA battery, a massive 18 hours playback ensures you won't be shelling out more money on batteries.

      Another advantage over the DMB10 is the voice recording feature and user adjustable bass and treble.

      The DMG10's build quality and looks are superb. The front of the square player houses the Display. The main casing consists of a very cool looking metallic effect front section. The top and side sections house the joystick controller and the other main features of the player.

      As with the DMB10 you can also add the optional digital camera module.

      Sound quality is excellent with the 4DSP modes, 3D and the excellent user adjustable bass and treble adds noticeable increases.

      With such huge potential for storing music, can you really afford not to get the latest and possibly one of the best MP3 players on the market today?

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